Susan Grabel



Gateway to Maker Park

Maker Park/Thompson Street — across the street from Staten Island MakerSpace, 450B Thompson Street/Staten Island, NY 10304

Gateway to Maker Park was created to mark the entrance to MakerPark, an ever-evolving outdoor sculpture park and community space expanding the facilities and programming of SI MakerSpace. The arch provides an inviting entrance to the park giving it a sense of identity and setting it apart from the surrounding area.


july 21–september 23, 2018

Art of the 5: Revisiting Staten Island

Snug Harbor Commons Galleries at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art/1000 Richmond Terrace/Staten Island, NY 10301

Art of the 5: Revisiting Staten Island presents over 50 works of art by 10 local artists who represent a mix of nationalities, genders, and varying degrees of fame and recognition.

Guest curator Debra Vanderburg Spencer states, “This exhibition reveals the very personal visual language of the participating artists whose working practices span a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media art.”


september 7–june 29, 2018


Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion Museum/One West Fourth Street/New York, NY 10012-1186

Seventy international artists explore the meaning of home and the loss of home reflecting personal experience, historical and contemporary events, cultural diversity and the universal condition. Curated by Laura Kruger.

Once Upon a Time

september 12–october 24, 2017

Art of the 5: Staten Island

Galleries at The Interchurch Center/475 Rverside Drive/New York, NY 10115

The final in a series of five annual exhibitions at The Galleries at The Interchurch Center highlighting a select number of artists from each of the five boroughs. Participating artists: Alfredo Arcia, Irma Bohorquez-Geisler, Farrell Brickhouse, Robert Bunkin, Susan Grabel, Lorenzo Hail, Helen Levin, David Jacobsen Loncle, Craig Manister, Bill Murphy, Stephanie Pierce. Curated by Debra Vanderburg Spencer.


september 22–october 22, 2017

3rd Annual Hand Pulled Prints: The Current Practice in Printmaking

Site:Brooklyn/165 7th Street/Brooklyn, NY 11215

This exhibition reflects the ambitious, innovative and contemporary in printmaking today, highlighting traditional printmaking processes of serigraphy, letterpress, collagraphy, etching, woodcut, lithography, linocut, drypoint, mezzotint, monoprint and solar plates and any combination. Juried by Marina Ancona.


april 6–june 11, 2017

Confluence: A Way Forward

ArtSpace@Staten Island Arts/23 Navy Pier Court/Staten Island, NY 10304

“Through many times and cultures from Native American prophesies and African proverbs to recent statements by Pope Francis, a common thread emerges that resonates with me.”

coming together
a path to a better world.

Susan Grabel’s Confluence is the inaugural exhibit in the Staten Island Arts new location in Stapleton. It includes her collagraph collages and new digital fabrications and aims to create a dialogue around collaboration and creative problem solving at the neighborhood level. Visitors are asked to contribute “a prophecy, proverb, person or prose that inspire you to move forward” via a message wall in the gallery.

Women Under Siege announcement

january 3–28, 2017

Women Under Siege: It’s Happening Right Here

Curated by Susan Grabel

Ceres Gallery/547 West 27th Street, Suite 201/New York, NY 10001

Women Under Siege addresses the sexism and misogyny contained in laws across the country being used against women. Women are under siege from misguided legislatures and law enforcement agencies in many parts of the country. Under the guise of protecting the fetus, women are being punished for the outcome of their pregnancies while the potential life of a fetus is deemed more important than the life and well-being of the mother.

Women are also under siege by an antiquated criminal justice system that does not take into account the realities of domestic abuse and its impact over the course of time. Child abuse laws are being manipulated so that abused women are being punished because they couldn’t protect their children and often given more jail time than their abusers.

Susan Grabel chose the stories of 25 women whose circumstances illustrate these issues. She invited artists to create an artwork in response to them. Participating artists: Pauline Chernichaw, Loren Dann, Anne Drager, Everet, Phyllis Featherstone, Susan Grabel, Melanie Hickerson, Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff, Judith Hugentobler, Mary Anne Kinsella, Marilyn Kiss, Helen Klebesadel, Stephanie Kosinski, Marjorie Kramer, Tania Kravath, Barbara Lubliner Lynne Mayocole, Ann Marie McDonnell, Christine Mottau, Denise Mumm, Perri Neri, Ruth Bauer Neustadter, Kristi Pfister, Rhoda Pierce, Elizabeth Downer Riker.

Confluence: The Way Forward

september 30–october 15, 2016

Mid-America Print Council member's juried exhibition at MAPC 2016 conference Print Matters/Printing Matters

Juried by Brian Jones

Carnegie Center for Art and History/201 E. Spring St./New Albany, IN

What does it mean to be a printmaker in an increasingly screen-based world? For centuries, prints on paper have been the primary and most accessible mode of sharing current events, ideologies, advertisements, and images. Through their work as artists, educators, publishers, and entrepreneurs, contemporary print artists articulate what prints are, and why they matter.

Confluence: The Way Forward

march 1–26, 2016

Confluence: The Way Forward

Ceres Gallery/547 West 27th Street, Suite 201/New York, NY 10001

Confluence: The Way Forward, arises out of Grabel’s deep concern for the survival of our species and planet in this current vitriolic, hyper-partisan political climate. Confluence reflects her hope and vision that only by coming together, embracing differences, can we move forward. She was inspired by the words of Brooke Medicine Eagle, Daughter of the Rainbow, Crow and Lakota when she says “We have the opportunity to build a Rainbow Bridge into the Golden Age. But to do this, we must do it together with all the colors of the Rainbow, with all the peoples, all the beings of the world. . . . ”


january 5–30, 2016

Women Gazing Inward

Ceres Gallery/547 West 27th Street, Suite 201/New York, NY 10001

All women have stories to tell. Female perspectives are often attuned to social and cultural influences. The work in this exhibition asks the questions, “to what extent is our perception informed by gender?” and “can the concept of ‘inwardness’ relate to our ancestry as women?”

North Frieze of the Legendary Crone Goddess

october 2–november 1, 2015

The Venus Cycle

Gallery 66/66 Main Street/Cold Spring, NY 10516

Grabel’s cast paper sculptures, collagraph prints and collages explore the reality of the older woman’s body in this selection of work from The Venus Cycle series. Through repetition, humor and classical references, she challenges the conventional biases about the aging female body and validates women’s experiences of themselves.


august 8–september 20, 2015

Speaking Volumes . . . . & Voids

Governor’s Island/Nolan Park Building 20B/New York, NY 10004

Intenstive Care

august 8–september 5, 2015

Art of Healing

Blue Door Gallery/13 Riverdale Avenue/Yonkers, NY 10701

Art that has a healing message or that has had a healing effect on the artists.There may be art that was created to assist the artist in enduring a hardship. The art could have a healing effect on the viewer as well. How does the art heal? Is it the act of creating that heals?​ These are the questions that may be asked during the exhibit.

Interstitial Melody

june 23–july 18, 2015

Ceres Summer Serenade

Ceres Gallery/547 West 27th Street, Suite 201/New York, NY 10001

Ceres Gallery invites their members to exhibit their work in between their individual one person shows in Summer Serenade and the results are a window into the myriad of styles, sensibilities, and media of distinctive expressions. Most artists have included smaller creations for the smaller gallery space and a larger piece for the main gallery, so that we are able to compare and study the achievements of each artist as they experiment and investigate within a size limit. Some are steeped in tradition and others practice with unforeseen materials and imagery, all contribute to a collective creative force.


november 8–december 31, 2014

Brains, Boobs & Backbones: Women Artists / Women’s Issues 

Mezzanine Gallery/Paramount Hudson Valley Theater/1008 Brown Street/Peekskill, NY 10566

Alternet announcement

october 6–31, 2014

Artists in the Archives: The Alternet

Cohen Library Archives/NAC Building of City College of New York/160 Convent Avenue/New York, NY 10031

Faces of Alienation

january 29–may 10, 2014

Faces of Alienation

Georgia College/221 North Clarke Street/Milledgeville, GA 31061

Solo show of Susan Grabel’s clay portrait reliefs of people boxed in by grates and screens showing how we are imprisoned from the inside by our own defenses and biases and from the outside by social stereotypes, how our defenses become our prisons, how our communities are not communal.

Ceres at 30

january 4–31, 2014

Ceres @ 30

Ceres Gallery/547 West 27th Street, Suite 201/New York, NY 10001

Thirty years ago, an extraordinary group of women conceived of an organization to lend support and provide exhibition space for women artists. The organization, Ceres, created and continues to provide an environment that fosters artistic exploration in a vibrant feminist community. This exhibition presents work by one hundred and seven Ceres’ artists, past and present, in painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and mixed-media. Each artist is represented by her personal vision and the combined synergy of this diverse and powerful artistic production creates a remarkable visual document commemorating an organization that continues to fulfill its worthy mission. Happy 30th Birthday Ceres!

Susan Grabel catalog

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Constructions of Conscience:
The Social Art of Susan Grabel

40 page full color exhibition catalog

Susan Grabel / Tina Bilss collaboration

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Weaving/Collagraph Collaboration with Tina Bliss

Tina Bliss weaves tapestries of cotton, magnetic tape, and graphite, incorporating Susan Grabel’s handprinted collagraphs.